180,- + avg. / 10.10.15 22:00 Del denne siden

Hayseed er tilbake, forrige gang var det fullt hus og flott stemning. Vi booket de selvsagt straks inn til en ny konsert, vi gleder oss veldig!

“The new stuff is instantly recognizable as Hayseed, this four piece outfit based in Oslo have a real knack of putting a great song together, as well as knowing just when to turn things on and just when to back things off, a strong sound with clear vocals and solid gitar work with great solos”

- Dave Watts CRMK 89.9 fm (Hayseed var “band of the month” I Juli 07)

“Love the songs and the production, 70s retro hard funk rock style”
- Eric Martin (Mr. Big)

“Klassisk rock av høy klasse , tungt forankret I et syttitallssound. Gourmetretter som serveres med gaffeltruck”

- Geir Hovland OA.no