Adam Douglas
Supp: Karethe Eriksen

Kr 180,- / 27.06.14 22:00 Del denne siden

At long last… Debuting loads of new material and reinventing the favorites with an All-Star cast of players.. Things are bound to get ugly, beautiful, and weird.. Bring a buddy, and get yourself down to Herr Nilsen on friday, 27 June for a full night of groundbreaking original music..

Pleased to have a very talented support act as well.. Karethe Eriksen !

Adam Douglas Vok/git
Markus Lillehaug Johnsen (git)
Bjørn Sæter (drums)
Snorre Kill Saga (bass)
Kong Sverre Thorstensen (keys)
Olav Torgeir Kopsland (git)
Charlotte Bredesen (kor)

Supporting act:
Karethe Eriksen