by:Larm 2014

Gratis med festivalpass. Andre kr 100,-. / 28.02.14 20:30 Del denne siden

By:Larm er Skandinavias største musikk-kongress. De siste åra er by:Larm arrangert i Oslo og Østkanten Bluesklubb er igjen invitert med. Herr Nilsen er offisiell scene og ca 15 band vil spille over tre dager. Tradisjonen tro er vinnerne av Union Bluescup på Notodden i august klar på scenen. Bær over med oss for at det meste av artisttekst er på engelsk for disse tre kveldene.
Inngang: Gratis med festivalpass, kr 100,- for andre,-.
Program fredag:
20.30 Sumie (SE)
21.30 Elsa & Emilie (NO)
22.30 Aurora Aksnes (NO)
23.30 Marcus Løvdal Band (NO) - Union blues band 2014
00.30 Sibille Attar (SE)

20.30 Sumie (SE)
Call it humility, or call it shyness if you want. In any case, Sumie Nagano has always been wary of sharing their art with the world. With her guitar and her voice as her only tools she started to record her self-composed material in her own home only a few years ago. This was of course a big step for Sumie, but an even greater one was making the songs available online (to the delight of her listeners).

Today, Sumie is still wary of letting us witness her creations. Those not fortunate enough to see any of her exclusive performances this fall, will have to wait until December 2013. That’s when the record label Bella Union will be releasing her self-titled debut album; an album recorded in Berlin with the help of producer Dustin O’Halloran and pianist/composer Nils Frahm.

Until further notice, you are welcome to listen to Sumies exquisite Let’s Get Lost, produced by Henryk Lipp, via Spotify or Sumie’s website

21.30 Elsa & Emilie (NO)
Since they were 13, these two girls from the small Norwegian city of Haugesund has been writing songs that has impressed all those who has been lucky enough to get a sneek into their wonderful but deep and mysterious popsong-world.
After several great acoustic live performances at the west coast of Norway, the charming duo has got themselves into the “first division” of the Norwegian music scene, eager to take the step into the “premier league”. Elsa and Emilie write songs about growing up in a small windy city, about helpless and hopeless love and about the dark sides of being young.
They are currently in studio in Bergen, working together with Anders Bjelland and Jens Rimau, who has William Hut, Marthe Valle and Hypertex on their cv. Usually Elsa and Emilie play alone, two girls and a guitar, but during the last year their sound has developed into a greater dimension, a Nordic, icy and dark, yet poppy sound, so at by:Larm they come together with some of their best friends from Haugesund on stage.
Elsa and Emilie has signed a booking deal at Time Out Agency and is currently in the last rounds before hopefully closing a deal with one of the big major labels in Norway.

22.30 Aurora Aksnes (NO)
Aurora Aksnes is a 17 year old girl from Bergen, Norway. She has been playing the piano since she was 6 years old, and is entirely self taught. As you might expect, she’s never payed particular attention to music theory and had already begun to write songs at the tender age of 10. Aurora performed for the first time when she was 13, and struggled somewhat with stage fright. However, with practice and the passage of time, this has subsided and she now loves performing more than anything else in the world.
Growing up in a musical home, Aurora listened to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Johnny Cash. She loved the stories these artists told through their music, and thereafter vowed to only write stories of real significance. Aurora does not want to write songs with the quintessential beginning, middle, and predictably happy ending. She strives to write music that can inspire people, through idiosyncratic tales of struggle, love, and all that lies in between.
When Aurora isn’t writing and performing, she enjoys the culinary arts and literature. At a young age, Aurora derived inspiration from the books she had read to write her own stories. She would later go on to write music to those stories, and this transcends her lyrics from ordinary song writing to a higher plane of imaginative and creative compositions.
Aurora has recently been working on new recordings in the studio; every time she lays down a new track she feels ever closer to the dreams she had for her career at the young age of 10. Aurora desperately wants to share her stories with the world, and is determined to one day be a professional musician equipped to do so.

23.30 Marcus Løvdal Band (NO) - Union blues band 2014
Marcus Løvdal Band won Notodden Blues Festival in 2013, despite heavy competition from bands from all over the country.
With tremendous enthusiasm and intensity in their playing, Marcus Løvdal Band shows great will to entertain their audience. Their songs has roots in several musical genres and an energetic expression that is well received in Blues Clubs and other venues.
Marcus Løvdal Band started just before christmas time 2012 at the music conservatory in Kristiansand. Taking in regard the victory in Union Bluescup at Notodden in August 2013, 2014 seems to be a year of a lot of touring, which the band is very much looking forward to!

00.30 Sibille Attar (SE)
Sibille Attar was born in Swedish small town Örebro and left for Stockholm when she was 15. Since then she has lived in Glasgow and New York for a while but is now back in Stockholm.
Attar has been a part of the Swedish alternative music scene for the last ten years. She has been known under the name Little Red Corvette and been a member of bands like The Tourettes (2001-2008) and Speedmarket Avenue (2005-2009). In 2010 she became a member of the band ingenting. She has contributed on albums such as Let’s Get Out of This Country by Camera Obscura, Monty Python by Bear Quartet, and Chocolate and Seafood by David Lindh. Her first solo offering under her own name, the single “Alcoholics” was released on Universal Music ́s imprint Stranded Rekords in june 2012. Highly anticipated, it was well received and spent the whole summer on high rotation on public radio P3.
“Alcoholics” was followed by the release of the four song EP “The Flower’s Bed” in August 2012, in connection to her gig at the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg. The EP was nominated for the Swedish Grammys in the category “new artist of the year” and was very well received by the press. Pitchfork Magazine favorably reviewed both “Alcoholics” and the following single “The Day”.
The debut album Sleepyhead was released in Sweden on February 20th and met with stunning reviews. The album was preceded by the Björn Yttling produced single “Come Night” which became a radio-hit on P3 and college radio all through the spring of 2013.
Since the release of “the Flower’s Bed” EP, Sibille has been touring extensively including a support slot to Shout Out Louds during their Nordic tour.


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