Fotograf: Jarl Morten Andersen

The Staffan William-Olsson Trio

Inngang kr 200,- alle / 100,- for musiker/student / 30.12.17 16:00 Del denne siden

Staffan William-Olsson - gitar
Terje Gewelt - bass
Hermund Nygård - trommer

The Staffan William-Olsson Trio med kontrabassisten Terje Gewelt og trommeslageren Hermund Nygård spiller jazzversjoner av poplåter fra forskjellige epoker i stedet for typiske jazzstandardlåter. Lill Lindfors, Burt Bacharach, Ricky Martin, Black Sabbath, ABBA, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Patsy Cline, Franz Liszt – ingenting er hellig for denne trio som fikk følgende omtale i det amerikanske jazzbladet Cadence for debutplaten "POP!":

"William-Olsson isn´t a postmodern trickster figure: what´s a surprise and pleasure about this disc is his demonstration of how a quite straightforward approach to this material can sound just right. William-Olsson´s version of ABBA´s «The Winner Takes It All» is gorgeously downbeat, delivered with care but with no sentimentality, but that the guitarist can get such good music out of «Livin´ La Vida Loca» – complete with a cheeky bass riff picked out of the original arrangement – counts as nothing short of a minor miracle. Jazz fans should not be deterred by the CD´s unlikely choice of repertoire: «Pop!» is as satisfying a Jazz-guitar disc as any of recent years.”


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