McKinley James

McKinley James

Torsdag 15.06.23 Kl. 21:00 / Kr. 240,- / Billett

McKinley James er en høyoktan bluesrock duo i det klassiske gitar/trommeformatet. Siste EP "Still Standing By" ble like godt produsert av Dan Auerbach fra The Black Keys...

- fans worldwide will tell you about his serious mix of Motown soul and blues-based guitar playing. It doesn’t sound like the type of “blues” you get from traditional purveyors of the genre, but instead from a guitarist who understands chord theory so well you could swear you’re hearing a horn section sometimes. That’s because he leads a duo, and while guitar stores reverberate with licks from ham-fisted modern bluesmen when they don’t know shuffle from shinola, McKinley would walk into that guitar store, plug in, and summon the spirits of his own idols, nearly forgotten pioneers like Otis Rush and Johnny “Guitar” Watson. McKinley is 19 years old. Already a veteran before he’s old enough to drink in The States, and he runs with some heady company.  

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