Kr: 200,- / 16.03.13 21:00 Del denne siden

Jonathan Kreisberg is a major new voice in Jazz guitar. He has toured the world performing as a leader and as a sideman with Dr. Lonnie Smith, Joe Locke, Stefano Dibattista, Ari Hoenig and others. He will be performing new music with his groundbreaking quartet as well as selections from SHADOWLESS. Listeners will also be treated to solo guitar selections, in celebration of his new release "ONE".

“A great musician whose playing and writing always tell a story. His formidable technique and intellect never get in the way, but only serve the agenda of the heart.” – Joe Locke.

"Jonathan Kreisberg is a creative guitarist who has been an integral member of my trio for many years. He is a passionate musician with great vision, and
he is constantly in fiery pursuit of innovation." - Dr. Lonnie Smith


Jonathan Kreisberg-guitar
Will Vinson- saxophone and piano
Rick Rosato-bass
Colin Stranahan-drums